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  • Second semester's theme is Networking and Mobile Communication. See the relevant year level links above.

What is Information Technology Systems about?

ITS is unlike previous IT subjects that you may have studied. Rather than studying software applications in detail, you will be expected to apply your knowledge of these applications to real-world problems. Don't know how to use the software? Well, there are many resources available to help you and it is your responsibility to learn how to use the tools just enough to be able to solve your problems. Found someone else's solution? That's fine so long as you give them credit then adapt it to suit your purposes. This is how the real world of IT works. You don't have to reinvent everything.
This subject is primarily about Problem-Solving and Project Management. Throughout the course the emphasis is on developing a process of Design, Develop, Evaluate (DDE) in your problem-solving.

The subject matter is organised in five interwoven elements. It is in these elements that you must show evidence of learning.
  • Theory and techniques
  • Problem-solving process
  • Project management
  • Client relationships
  • Social and ethical issues.

These are distributed through four major contexts, via four semester units of work. These units do not have to be covered in a specific sequence, so composite classes will cover the same content for year 11 and year 12. They are:
  • Game design (Sem 1&3)
  • Online Communication (Sem 2&4)
  • Web design (Sem 3&1)
  • Networking and Mobile Communication (Sem 4&2)

The emphasis of this course is on projects completed as they would be in a business environment. You will be expected to produce material that is professional in appearance and caters for the needs of clients, rather than what you like. To enable you to model this type of work you will be considered to be an employee of a company called IT'SIT. This is a company that provides products, advice, materials and training in the IT area. You will be representing IT'SIT in your dealings with clients, so a suitable standard of communication must be maintained and appropriate records must be kept. Work that you produce must be documented to a standard that will make it easy for others to follow if performing a similar task.

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