Year 12

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This is where all year 12 discussions will be based.
Our Semester 3 unit is Online Communciation and Social Media

ItemB8 - Product:Project due in week 8
ItemB9 - Written Exam in exam week.
Item B10 - Extended written task due in term4

Useful Information

Here is a link to an example product report by a student that has been published by the Queensland Studies Authority. It's an A standard response. You should look at how the student has structured the response and the components that have been chosen for inclusion may be of use in your project. Note how the student has clearly displayed DDE and CIPP as well as good project management.

If you need to convert formats you could use Note that this requires you to upload your file which is then converted and downloaded, so it can take some time. You can use this for converting video, audio, image and even doc files.

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Your planner will be published here. You will need to check it often. Our topic for Semester 2 is Online Communication and Social Media
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Course Work Covered


3/10 – 6/10 (Mon Queen's B'day)
The future of social media?
The online communication world is rapidly changing and the rate of change seems to be increasing. What will the future bring? Read this Social Media Today article. Survey at least 5 people across different age decades (10-19, 20-29… 70-79?) to see how they fit this article. As a class devise a set of questions from the article. We will combine your data next week to see what it shows us.


9/10 – 13/10
Survey analysis
Pool your data from last week’s survey then analyse it to find what trends you can see. What implications do these have for businesses that are trying to use social media for marketing? Read this Social Media Today article. How do your survey results relate to this article?

Your assignment refers to using social media with your client business. Best practices for customer service are discussed here.


16/10 – 20/10
(Mon verification)
Crowdsourcing is a rapidly growing area of use of online communication. Most commonly businesses “hire” experts from online sources to complete small-scale projects, but this model is changing rapidly.
News reporting is becoming more social now that mobile devices are ubiquitous. Fresco News is one company that is trying to use this passion for sharing through social media as a news resource.[1]


23/10 – 27/10
Here is an article from 2011 about crowdsourcing. How relevant is it today?
Here's an unusual form of crowdsourcing.
Even the government is encouraging businesses to use social media. Business Queensland has various hints for using social media in business, including pitfalls. In the menu on the left of the page you will see a range of suggestions about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. in business. Read through them and decide which might best for your client and what precautions your client should take.
Assignment will be set


30/11 – 3/11
Social Media roles
What are some of the roles that might be relevant to social media in a business environment?


6/11 – 10/11

Assignment Due