Welcome to ITS.
In this subject, for most assessment, you will be acting as though you are an employee of a company that provides Information Technology services, mostly software and advice. The company's name is It's IT and here is the logo.
This wiki is where all year 11 discussions will be based. You should refer to it often as it changes regularly.
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Our Semester 1 unit is on Online Communication and Social Media


ItemA3 - Product:Project due in week 8
ItemA4 - Written exam in week 9
Item A5 - Extended Written Task in term 4

Useful Information

Here is a link to an example product report by a student that has been published by the Queensland Studies Authority. It's an A standard response. You should look at how the student has structured the response and the components that have been chosen for inclusion may be of use in your project. Note how the student has clearly displayed DDE and CIPP as well as good project management.

If you need to convert formats you could use online-convert.com. Note that this requires you to upload your file which is then converted and downloaded, so it can take some time. You can use this for converting video, audio, image and even doc files.

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Your planner will be published here. You will need to check it often. Our topic for Semester 2 is Online Communication and Social Media

(Updated 09/07/2017)


Course Work Covered

10/7 - 14/7
The Internet
The Internet is really BIG. Physical - A belt around the world. Communication - How Internet Infrastructure works – Networks, Routers, Fibres, IP, DNS, URL, protocols. See the page on Online Communication.
Do the GCFLearnfree quiz 101.
17/7 - 20/7
(Fri Show Day)
Internet continued
Social Media
Complete Review Sheet 1
Social media classifications (6 types: collaborative projects (Wikipedia), blogs and microblogs (Twitter), content communities (YouTube ), social networking sites (Facebook), virtual game worlds ( World of Warcraft), and virtual social worlds (Second Life)[1] [2] [3]

25/7 - 28/7
(Mon Student Free)
Set up accounts. Language
Set up Edmodo accounts, review wiki
Email in depth[4] [5] (distribution lists),

31/7 - 4/8
Modern social interaction
Social media
Blogs (how-to and why)[6] [7], Twitter (capabilities and best practice)[8] [9] (Note: Twitter asks you to use a phone number for account verification. You can use fake SMS sites like this to generate a fake number that will send the verification code to your email.)
Review Sheet 2

7/8 - 11/8
Communication tools
Social Networks[10] Network analysis (Touchgraph is a web link browser that can be used to analyse Facebook links)
Skype [11] Review Sheet 3

14/8 - 18/8
Communication tools
Online Communities, game worlds and social worlds. Most popular sites for social media and for gaming sites.
Review Sheet 4

21/8 - 25/8
Risks and rewards
Netiquette [12] (note this requires you to join pInterest)
Online Safety [13]
Start Item B8
28/8 - 1/9
Communication in an organisation
Email use[14], Social media in business[15] Look at MailChimp, an email marketing and analysis tool.

Review Sheet 5
Item B8 due
4/9 - 8/9
Developing a policy
Why? What to consider?[16][17]
Item B9 exam
11/9 - 15/9
Review new Social Media
and lastly - a warning.

[1]Kaplan and Haenlein – social media definition and classification

[2]Kaplan & Haenlein – challenges and opportunities of social media (read the Abstract and just browse the rest)

[3]Creative ramblings – Social media history This finishes in 2012 and a lot has happened since then. Also look at this HIstory of the Internet graphic.

[4]http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/effective-e-mail-communication/ - a long, formal article.

[5]workawesome.com - effective-workplace-email-communication - this one is a bit easier to read.



[8]mashable.com guidebook fortwitter

[9]howcast.com - How-to-Use-Twitter

[10]Effective use of social networks

[11]pcworld.com: become-a-skype-power-user-with-our-7-must-know-secrets

[12]pinterest.com - students-guide-to-proper-social-media-etiquette

[13]trendmicro.com - the-risks-of-posting-in-social-networks

[14]wikihow.com - Effectively-use-Email-at-Work

[15 poynter.org - Social Media Policy

[16] spiderworking.com - social-media-policy-for-small-business/

[17] mondaq.com - Tips+for+using+social+media+in+your+business