Review Sheet 6

Now that you have gained some experience in the use of social media tools and have considered their influence on business, you should start thinking about how a business can manage the use of social media by its employees and how it may use social media for its own benefit. Footnotes 16 and 17 on the planner will help you.

In the first link, Amanda Webb proposes three policies for use by small business.
Choose three well-known brands and decide where you would place each of them on the Brand Personality triangle.Visit their websites, investigate their social media profile via facebook, twitter, youtube etc. to help to identify their placement. For each you must choose only two corners. Post your answers with justification, in Edmodo. Here are some some examples that you might choose.
Coca Cola
external image 50xNxcocacola.jpg.pagespeed.ic.TU7LYDnYo6.jpg
external image 50xNxmcdonald_s.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4YEGM_vYK4.jpg
external image 50xNxdisney.jpg.pagespeed.ic.g9SXHMZuPn.jpg
external image 50xNxebay.jpg.pagespeed.ic.H-JK98sqaH.jpg
external image 50xNxhonda.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5OGERhxg9f.jpg
external image 50xNxwoolworths2.png.pagespeed.ic.fWPBEJx0G_.jpg
external image 50xNxl_oreal.jpg.pagespeed.ic.licpY4Ofq3.jpg
external image 50xNxcaterpillar.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8q2h_oWQVC.jpg
external image 50xNxmastercard.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qPAeuXnxcf.jpg
external image 50xNxhpinvent.jpg.pagespeed.ic.nic3oNQtKd.jpg

Use the second link to write an email message to your supervisor identifying how should itsit1.gif develop its own House Rules for use of Social Media - remember that we are an IT company who deals mostly with FNQ companies. You should address the following:
What social media should use and why?
What are the House Rules that should be enforced (in your own words)?
How should intellectual property policies affect our social media presence?

Lastly visit this link on Intellectual Property. What intellectual property might a company like ITSIT want to protect?