Review Sheet 5

Email in business
(Rhetorical question alert ) Email is a useful both personally and professionally. Is there a difference in how we use it in these contexts? Here are some ideas about how to use it in business.

Prepare a suitable business poster highlighting these nine steps. It needs to be able to be laminated and displayed in a business environment.

Social Media in business
Visit this Forbes link.
This involves some business technical terms that you may need to investigate.
  1. What is meant by lead generation versus service and support?
  2. What is meant by brand personality and voice?
  3. What do they mean by being hyper-granular and drilling down to micro-segments.
  4. What defines a community in this article?
  5. What are important influencers these days, according to the article?
  6. What are the components of an action plan? What is meant by metrics.
  7. What does it mean to iteratively execute and measure results.

Summarise this in an article in your blog. You should write for a business audience, quoting your reference.