Review Sheet 4

When you finish Review sheet 3 (Skype), go to this site from linkedstrategies.comthen comment in Edmodo about TWO points in the list. You can agree or disagree but give reasons. Do it as a reply to related post.

Risks of posting

external image The-Risk-of-Posting-in-Social-Networks-Global.jpg
If you click on the infographic on the right you may get an error message. The image can be accessed here.
This entry was posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Use the infographic to answer these questions.
  • What information is not collected and by which applications?
  • How does Linkedin usage differ from Facebook usage?
  • What percentage know people affected by identity theft? How could information on a social media site be used for identity theft?
  • Describe one scenario where there could be real-world threats as a result of social media usage. Blog this point then inform your Edmodo friends via a post.