Review Sheet 3

You should be completing this sheet in week 5 of the semester.

Social Media

First view this link on SEO). What does SEO stand for? What are three ways you would recommend to improve the SEO of a website?

On your planner visit the addresses in the footnotes for this week's topics.
The video below is on developing Social Media.
View the video then answer the questions below. David Jenyns is a stock trader who has built a successful career advising companies how to generate online interest.

Who should be in charge of a company's Social Media policy? Why?
What is the advantage of using your own domain on a blog?
What is the purpose of setting up a blog?
Why might a business use YouTube? What must be included in a YouTube video.
How can audio be distributed?
What are "Off Page methods"?

Maybe SEO is not the way to go. Some say we should optimise social media.

Lastly, this article from Poynter, an American journalist training organisation, lays out some best practices for developing a Social Media policy.
Write 8 headings that summarise the key points of the proposed best practice. For example the first might be Set out your goals. Publish them in your blog and create a tweet with a link (a shortened URL).


Have you used Skype? It has become so common that it is now a verb! "I'll Skype you." If you are not familiar with Skype have a look at this introduction page.
Visit the footnote about Skype in the planner. It links to a PCWorld article that discusses new ways to use Skype (or you can just click on this Skype link).
Skype is commonly used by people across the world who want to communicate without huge phone costs, or by relatives wanting to see and talk to family members in distant places. The article discusses seven other ways that you can use Skype. Which of these would be most useful for you? Which might be most useful for a business? Post your answers to these two questions in Edmodo.

Use your Twitter account to nominate the best of the seven uses of Skype and include a link to the website.