Review Sheet 2

Review the links in the footnotes on the planner for this week.
  • In the writing centre link under email there is a section headed sample emails near the bottom of the page. Use a suitable email message to your teacher to answer the questions. Remember that you are emailing your manager at ITSIT in this task.
  • BEFORE you send the email, apply the PASS technique to your email as described in the second email footnote, the one from Awesomely Effective Email Communication.
Review the footnotes for blogs
  • Convert the 8 tips for effective blogging into a document that could be used as a single page poster, containing 8 small sentences in a list. Design it so that it would be suitable as a wall poster.
  • Go to and register for a free account, using a recognisable identity. Create a blog then publish your 8-point list with a paragraph about how this could be used in a business environment. Publish the URL of your blog in our Edmodo site.
Microblogs - Twitter
  • Visit the Twitter footnotes on the planner. Use the mashable site to answer the following questions. What is a Tweet, a Retweet, a Handle, a Hashtag?
  • Look at the 40 Best Twitter Brands in mashable and post a comment in edmodo about how they use Twitter. What is it that makes them "the best".
  • Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so how can people share music, videos and images?
  • Create a Twitter account (see the Howcast link in the footnotes) and change the Settings information to make it easier to find you. Create a tweet then publish your details on Edmodo so that others can find you on Twitter and see your tweet.