Here is where you will find links to various resources for use throughout the course

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Games resources

Here are some sprite resources that you might use, or this resource for sprites, sounds and others.
Gamemaker has some of its own resources.
You can create your own sprites or search the myriad of resources available on the Internet, including individual sprite, animations, sprite sheets and background. Keep in mind your dimensions for backgrounds and sprites.
Some example sprites, sprite sheets and backgrounds
external image parpocky.gif external image ttabuster1.gif external image kidchameleon_kidchameleon_sheet.png external image 007.png


Gamemaker: On the Yoyo Games Learn page you will find useful resources for learning Gamemaker, such as tutorials and projects. Here is an old version of the Gamemaker tutorial which still has some relevant content although it is for Gamemaker for Windows, not Gamemaker Studio.

Dreamweaver: There are resources for various Adobe applications in the Student Drive under J:\ICT\Resources but here's a set of tutorials on Dreamweaver There are also many video tutorials available.
Want something more technical? These tutorials cover HTML, CSS, PHP and various other acronyms.