The Internet

(put on headphones, set sound up loud and click the video.)

Yes, it's a



big deal.

How big? ... Really big!!!

What is it?

Well, some might think it's like this...

But "wired people should know something about wires" While viewing this link you should complete Review Sheet1.
All of this relies on massive infrastructure. Have a look at what Google has - its technology, people and places.

What does it do?

Before we learn about using the Internet we need to understand what it is and basically how it works. Visit HowStuffWorks and read all 12 pages to brush up on your background knowledge and use of acronyms.

Where did it come from?

The Internet didn't just happen, rather it evolved as components developed, but the World Wide Web had a definite creator and starting place. The Internet HIstory Resource discusses many aspects of the development of the Internet and World Wide Web. After browsing through some of this and other resources, answer this question: What is the difference between "the Internet" and "the World Wide Web"?
To really understand how we use the internet visit learning the Net. This site has a huge amount of information about the Internet and how it can be used. You should refer to it often.
But what exactly is it, in summary? Read through each page of this Internet 101 link for a summary of the technical components of the Internet.

Social Media

The biggest revolution in recent Internet history is the growth of Social Media and this is what our current unit is about.
What is it? This link introduces you to a number of online communication resources.
When you first visit you should create a user account (go to My Account at the bottom of the screen).
You are to complete a number of these mini-lessons and for some, also complete a quiz.

When we talk of Networking in this context, we don't mean a physical computer network. Go back to the Internet 101 unit and complete all sections of it.