The development environment that we will use is LiveCode, This is a programming environment for producing Mobile Apps for iOS (Apple), Android or Windows environments. It uses high-level language that is easy to understand and it produces files that do not need to be compiled ad run across various platforms. It is available as a free download but can also be purchased as a commercial edition that can be distributed closed source.


There are tutorials and resources available. Try the "Hello World" applications to get started (near the bottom of the page in the "Get Up and Running with LiveCode" link). You should also try the video library tutorial to practice more advanced skills. This will require you to have access to some short downloaded videos. You can use a site like to get some suitable files for use in your app. If you find the LiveCode tutorials site confusing, you might find this LiveCode SuperSite easier to navigate.

If you want to try some real coding, visit this activity about a well-known travelling song.

If you need to convert formats you could use Note that this requires you to upload your file which is then converted and downloaded, so it can take some time. You can use this for converting video, audio, image and even doc files.