Games by Gamemaker

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Your first unit is on Game Design. Maybe you play games on your computer or X-Box, but have you thought about what goes into making a game?
This semester you will look at this process in detail. You will be required to design and build a game for a client This is going to require you to
  • Clearly identify what your client wants and specify what you can deliver
  • Identify roles for team personnel
  • Manage the game design and creation process.
  • Deliver on schedule, meeting client specifications.

Visit this link to review Games theory

Need Sprites or other resources? Visit the Resources page.

Need to learn how to use Gamemaker? Try yoyogames lntroduction page for tutorials on making a game.
For older versions of Gamemaker, you may find help in these tutorials.

If you need to convert formats you could use Note that this requires you to upload your file which is then converted and downloaded, so it can take some time. you can use this for converting video, audio, image and even doc files.