Design Brief

A design can only be as good as the brief you worked from. How can you ensure that your client provides you with information in sufficient detail that you don't need to keep gong back for clarification? Many clients will be happy with just a brief written or verbal brief, but by formalising the process you can save a lot of time and work.
Student Goal statement
By working through the following links you should have a better understanding of the role of a design brief. You shold be able to design a template that will make it easier for your client to provide you with the information you need. This also prevents you from having to waste time in repeated requests for more information.
Resources & Links
Use the links below to explore the topic.

The design brief is:
  • to be from a clients / organisation, a non-technical person
  • to use a genre adapted to your specific organisation
  • to provide an IT company the detail necessary to create solution designs and specifications
  • to NOT to be a build design document or proposal
Some useful links
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