Year 12

This is where all year 12 discussions will be based.

Our Semester 4 unit is on Networking and Mobile Communication (see the link below).

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external image media-social_media-social_networks-mobile-cell-phone-mbcn3059_low.jpg


ItemA8 - A written exam to be held late in term 3

ItemA9 - Product:Project due near the end of term 3

ItemA10 - An extended written response due at the end of the semester.

We will be using a program called LiveCode to build mobile applications. This can produce complex applications but is also able to make simple applications with only a little coding, and much of the code is freely available for you to copy and modify.

Useful Information

If you need to convert formats you could use Note that this requires you to upload your file which is then converted and downloaded, so it can take some time. You can use this for converting video, audio, image and even doc files.

Here is a link to an example product report by a student that has been published by the Queensland Studies Authority. It's an A standard response. You should look at how the student has structured the response and the components that have been chosen for inclusion may be of use in your project. Note

how the student has clearly displayed DDE and CIPP as well as good project management.

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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQotXpQylDL6fVk32HdlTQxkxJ3oUAZyHfpblnqXDw5SJCOkYVb7A

Your planner will be published here. You will need to check it often. Our topic for Semester 2 is Networking and Mobile Communication.
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Here is a Revision Sheet for your exam and here is a solution set.

Course Work

For term 4 you should now review Networking in more detail. You should create an account at Khan Academy via your email address to be able to work through all sections.
Also look at this module on security. read through all chapters down to IDS attacks..

Parts of a computer
Identify and describe the role of internal parts
You need to be able to talk the language and understand the basic workings of a computer. See this link and pages 1 to 5 of How Stuff Works. Now look at this article in PC magazine. If you were going to buy a business computer, what are some good ones?
By Monday prepare a letter to the manager of ITSIT, recommending a computer to be purchased for use by the reception/secretarial staff.
Parts of a computer
Data Storage components
Read through all pages of this PC Magazine article
What are the differences between a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and a Solid State Drive (SSD)? What advantages and disadvantages are there to each?
Assignment distributed. Note that this task requires the use of this document.
By Monday prepare a presentation (PowerPoint/Prezi/Powtoon) outlining the advantages/disadvantages of SSD vs HDD and outlining when you would choose each, with justification.
Research and first draft
You should have a draft submitted by Wednesday
Work on documentation
Complete assignment
Submit assignment by Wednesday


Happy exam week